Intentional Leadership

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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a partnership between leader and coach, designed to equip the leader with insights and tools that increase their capacity to lead from their strengths.

Through one-on-one, confidential sessions, executive coaching gives leaders clear insights into both the behaviors that lead to their optimal performance, and the internal perceptions and beliefs that drive them. By helping your leaders address root causes of their behaviors, they - and your organization - get to experience change that lasts.

Leadership Development Programs
High Potential Programs

Help your High Potentials achieve more than they ever thought possible through an integrated program that transforms their capacity to lead authentically from the inside-out. Our High Potential Programs are customized to fit the needs of your top leaders. Each Program takes place over a 6-12 month period, and includes a combination of assessment, executive coaching, training, action learning, and mentoring.

Intentional Leadership Program

This three day group program will help leaders at all levels to become familiar with their own Internal Operating System, its impact on their effectiveness as a leader, and sustainable tools they can apply immediately to begin tapping into their unrealized potential.

Purpose-Driven Leadership

Help your leaders and their teams regain momentum, access more positive energy and increase productivity by defining and activating their real purpose. This process will help leaders and their teams cut right through the static that gets in the way of productive meetings and their own best performance. This program can be provided as a two day offsite program for teams, and can be incorporated into an executive coaching process for individual leaders.

New Leader Integration

New Leader Integration is a structured process that helps executives make successful and rapid transitions to new or expanded leadership roles. Through a combination of coaching, assessment and facilitated conversations, New Leader Integration gives the new executive a better understanding of their acquired team’s strengths, issues and challenges, helps the team to get on board more quickly with their new leader, and quickly jump starts their joint success. This process is often combined with other in-house executive on-boarding processes to insure cultural and strategic alignment.

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"Peggy uses intuition and thoughtful questioning to coach leaders to higher levels of understanding about themselves.  She masterfully translates these personal insights into motivation to take action that profoundly impacts the effectiveness of our leaders."

Theresa Brett
Director Strategic Talent Management
Rex Healthcare